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Elevate Your Cattle Breeding with Our Frozen Semen

Did you know ?

Artificial Insemination (AI) is a reproductive technology that be used to improve the genetic quality of livestock by optimizing the utilization of superior bulls. AI has widely used in the livestock breeding program because the dissemination of genetic materials can be done easily, quick, and affordable.

Why Frozen Semen Matters ?

Frozen semen is the most important factor for the successful of livestock genetic improvement. The sperm cells within the semen contain genetic materials that will be inherited to the offspring. Frozen semen should be free of disease as well. In order to improve livestock productivity, the genetic quality of the donor bull should be guaranteed before it is disseminated. We can imagine the negative impact if the frozen if the frozen semen contain genetic defect or pathogenic organism.

We care about your livestock business

We provide high quality frozen semen produced from disease-free superior bull. Our superior bulls are maintained by applying good farming management to produce good quality and disease free semen. We commit to provide excellent products and services for our customers

Why Choose Us?

Guarantee of High Quality Frozen semen

We committed to providing you with frozen semen from superior bulls that are free from diseases. Our stringent quality control measures ensure that you receive the best genetic materials for your livestock.

International Standard Methods

SNAIC applies international standards and is supported by high-tech tools.

Consistently implement ISO 17025

Optimal Semen Parameters

Minimum motility of 40% and minimum concentration of 25 million cells per straw.

Various breeds available

We offer a diverse range of breeds to cater to your specific requirements.


We have more than 40 years of experience to produced frozen semen from various breeds of cattle and goat with a total production more than 47 million doses. We have distributed more than 47 million doses  to all Ai service areas in Indonesia and exports to 7 countries, namely Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Madagascar and Timor Leste.

Superior Bulls

We provide frozen semen products with many breeds of cattle and goat


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